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Manufacturer: Mondraker
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“It’s not just the bike that will allow your kids to learn how to ride – Grommy is the bike you wished you had when you were young!”

The new Mondraker Grommy is a totally new way for young new riders to have fun on two wheels – and learn essential skills with a smile like you’ve never seen before! Open up the garage door and... what’s that?!

It’s a cool kids’ balance bike with a punchy little motor and made from all the great materials, technology and know-how you expect from a Mondraker bike. Grommy transforms the humble balance bike, taking it to a whole new level. 




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We made Grommy’s frame and forks using lightweight strong and durable 6061 Alloy – the same as featured on many of its Mondraker ‘big sisters’. Quality material combined with clever design mean that the Grommy-12” weighs just 7.5kg and Grommy-16” is only 8.5kg. Because they’re light, kids will quickly feel at ease (and they’re easy to get in and out of the back of your truck!)

And just like our bigger bikes, Grommy’s frame is smooth and fuss-free with internal routing for the 140mm Tektro rear disc brake, and the cables for the throttle-style power mode selector on the twistgrip. So choosing a speed is easy and the fun flows from there!



Grommy’s motor is all-new, specifically designed and produced to be neat, small, lightweight and reliable, and putting out just the right amount of power to make Grommy fun, safe and the best way for kids to learn balance and handling.


The slim, brushless, max 250W output motor’s low, centrally-mounted position is an important element of Grommy’s handling. Our integrated approach with e-bikes – including the super-lightweight Carbon Crafty RR SL – informs the design and positioning of the motor, drivetrain and battery which are shared across both size Grommy models.

Mastering the three-speed controls is child’s play. The learning starts on the first setting, ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h) and the grins get broader on 2, ‘Fun’ and and 3, ‘Advanced’ (max 17.7km/h). Or you can turn off Grommy’s motor and kids can use it like a traditional balance bike. 



For Grommy we also decided to make our own bespoke batteries. They’re lightweight and we designed them to be really easy and safe to swap over.

Because each battery unit delivers a run time of up to 60 minutes (depending on which power mode the kids ride in!) with a full charge taking just 60 minutes, a simple swap-over keeps the Grommy going as long as your youngsters can.

The motor and battery are IPX4-rated water-resistant and there’s a custom plastic protector for the motor and drivetrain to keep little feet safe.


Grommy: quick specifications:


Grommy-12” - 190mm frame, 12-inch wheels, weighs just 7.5kg, with saddle height range 37-47cm, for riders aged 3-5 years 

Grommy-16” - 250mm frame, 16-inch wheels, weighs just 8.5kg, with saddle height range 43-58cm, for riders aged 5-8 years 


Both models feature:


  • Superlight Mondraker Alloy Frame & Fork
  • Three power modes: ‘Balance’ (max speed 8.1km/h), ‘Fun’ (17.7km/h) and ‘Advanced’ (17.7km/h)
  • Quick-change 4Ah battery: 60 minutes run time, 60 minutes full charge time
  • Integrated base footrest
  • ‘Big bike feel’ MTB standard componentry and compatibility
  • Internal cable routing
  • Mechanical disc brake